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Unban Request Form

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1 Unban Request Form on Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:27 pm

Admins and moderators are not perfect. If you think you have been unjustly banned and believe you should be unbanned; post a new thread using this form. Being civilized helps your chances. Flaming admins and mods just gets you laughed at by all.
So chill out, relax, and type.... In.. proper. .... English

Also note that going off topic or beginning to flame members or players will put you on the scrubz list (or get you banned lol)

• Player's name: Your in-game name at the time of the ban.

• Steam ID: Need this to unban you bro. Refer to the FAQ on how to obtain this.

• Server: Scrubz filter, if you don't know where you got banned then XD

• Length of ban: It should say, but if not I say to keep calm since people can rage over 1 hour bans.

• Time of ban: Approximately what time did you get banned?

• Admin that banned you: If you don't know for sure then try to list of all admins who were own.

• Reason of ban: Why did you get banned?

• Reason of unban: Can you provide and reasonable explaination of why you should be unbanned? Reread what you write!


• [color=red]Player's name:[/color]

• [color=red]Steam ID:[/color]

• [color=red]Server:[/color]

• [color=red]Length of ban:[/color]

• [color=red]Time of ban:[/color]

• [color=red]Admin that banned you:[/color]

• [color=red]Reason of ban:[/color]:

• [color=red]Reason of unban:[/color]

Not following this will result in your unban request being denied.

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