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ATTN: Applying For Admin? Read This!

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1 ATTN: Applying For Admin? Read This! on Sun Aug 21, 2011 2:47 am


You must fill out everything on the form in proper English or you will be denied.

• Steam name:
The name you go by while in the server

• Steam page URL:
Your steam page

• Steam ID:
Your steam ID. When in a multiplayer game, type status and copy the stuff beside your name. For safe measure, copy a chunk of the status area and make sure you got the right Steam ID. If you don't include this, you're lazy as hell and I'm not making you admin

• Age (Minimum Age: 13): How old are you? Do not apply if you're below 13.

• Timezone:
What's your timezone?

• First name: Hi John

• Game: Do you know what you're applying for? Show it to us by writing down the gamemode we play.

• Reason for admin: Why do you want to be an admin?

• Previous experience: Write down your previous experiences as admin

• Are you a Madmin?:
Do you find yourself ready to slay/ban on word alone when there's no evidence? Do you accuse everybody who kills you of hacking and rdm? Are you 13 year old furry trollbait? Would you kick somebody for calling you a madmin?

• [color=red]Steam name:[/color]

• [color=red]Steam ID:[/color]

• [color=red]Steam page URL:[/color]

• [color=red]Age:[/color]

• [color=red]Timezone:[/color]

• [color=red]First name:[/color]

• [color=red]Game:[/color]

• [color=red]Why you think you deserve admin:[/color]

• [color=red]Previous experience:[/color]

• [color=red]Are you a Madmin?:[/color]

Not following this format will result in application being automatically denied.

Hacking on the server WILL get you banned from apps.

People barred from posting admin applications:

• All Permabanned Players
• kid who buys VIP everywhere

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