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Ban Request Form

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1 Ban Request Form on Sun Aug 21, 2011 11:38 am

Under construction Original copy italics info from unbans thread

The Radmins are not always on when australian scrubs misbehave (we have jobs other than scrub hunting) You can use this form to post a complaint on a player if he/she has broken any rules. Please note, you must have valid proof of either screenshots or demos. Witnesses do help but most of the time witnesses are forced by a friend to back up someone else. Everyone is welcome to post their side of the case once a ban request is up.

Also note that going off topic or beginning to flame members or players will not be tolerated. We don't need bitching and moaning; this is not Minecraft.

• Players Name:

• Steam ID:

• Server:

• Reason:

• Proof*:

* Your Proof must consist of 2 or more pictures or a video showing their offense. This is the easiest way to prove an offense. 7 people saying MrCuddles is hacking is convincing, but not conclusive.


• [color=red]Players Name:[/color]

• [color=red]Steam ID:[/color]

• [color=red]Server:[/color]

• [color=red]Reason:[/color]

• [color=red]Proof:[/color]

Not following this will result in your request being denied.

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